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About HeCheng Shenzhen Cheyibao Technology Co. LTD located in a port city Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a original professional manufacturer of advanced car maintenance equipment relying on its strong R&D capability and excellent producing technology. The developed high-end products including ATF automatic fluid exchanger and four-wheel alignment for car care and repair have been recognized by numerous customers. Responding to growing market need and trust, other car-care related products are also designed to serve the clients. Learn more
About HeCheng
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Auto Fluid Change Machine
Auto Fluid Change Machine HeCheng provides you with various types of auto fluids exchangers which helps garages, auto care shops, car maintenance and repair chain stores to improve their service. Learn more
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Have you ever thought of vehicle chassis maintenance?
Jun.15.21 Maybe you know undercarriages have numerous important parts like front and rear axles, the muffler, brake lines, exhaust, and transmission system, but Have you ever thought of vehicle chassis maintenance?
How Often Do you Change your Car's Fluids?
May.29.21 Think you're getting ripped off by your local quick lube joint? Here's everything you need to know about when to change your vehicle's fluids, and why it's so important.
HeCheng Walnut Blaster-What If few walnut shells are left in the combustion chamber?
Jul.28.21 HeCheng promotes the adoption of walnut blasting the carbon deposits on the surface of inlet valves. But why? What if few walnut shell granule is remained in the combustion chamber?
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